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Awning Windows
Awning Window

Becker Awning EnergyGuard R-3000 Window is the perfect choice to express a modern contemporary style, while integrating a sense of spaciousness and allowing natural light into your home.

Hinged on the top, awning window is engineered to tilt out to provide ventilation while keeping out the rain. Maintenance free uPVC system provides easy operation, security and most energy efficiency. CSA Tested & Certified.

Awning Window proves to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The solid sturdy appearance of the frame provides an attractive architectural style while incorporating features designed to ensure you stay comfortable all year round.

Glazing Options
Triple Glaze Argon Triple Glaze Argon Laminated LowE2 Argon Triple Glaze 2-LowE2 Argon Triple Glaze 2-LowE2 Krypton Quad Seal Heat Mirror Krypton
  • Values calculated using LBNL Windows 5.2 software, center of the glass performance data.
    ER varies by window style. Performance may vary depending on environmental conditions.
Triple glaze system may contribute to the window total weight.
R-value is the measure of the resistance of the glass to heat flow.
The higher R-value does not represent a better window, as other performance factors need to be considered.
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