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Bay window

Becker Bay Window

Becker EnergyGuard R-3000 Bay Window will add a touch of distinction and elegance to any home. Comfort, flower bed, crafts shelve and a lovely spot for your favourite pet are only a few ways how you can use your charming bay window. CSA Tested and Certified.

Additional space, more natural light and a larger panoramic view in limited amount of space are just a few of the many benefits that Becker Bay window system has to offer. This elegant addition is well insulated,warm and gives your home an entirely new look and will last for lifetime.

Becker Classic Bay window will suite your home perfectly because each is custom made, designed and manufactured to the exact size you desire. Use your imagination to create a window that matches your home architectural style.
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You'll appreciate the functionality and versatility of a Becker Bay window for years to come.
With wide selections such as decorative grills, choice of colors, wood finishes and high-performance SolarGreen glass system, you can truly use Bay Window to give your home its own unique personality.

Handcrafted and engeneered Becker Bay Window became a popular choice of many canadian homeowners, requires virtualy no maintenance, well ventilated, easy operated, secured and extremely energy efficient.
Becker Bay Window Features

  • Available with 3 or 4 window panels
  • Joint at 30 or 45 degree angles
  • A great way to add a window seat
  • Foam insulated head and seat
  • Reinforced support structure
  • Triple green foam filled multi-chambers (optional)
  • Can be constructed with Casement, Awning, Hung or Fixed windows
  • Increase value of your property
Year Round Comfort

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