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High Performance Glazing

More than 35% of a home's heat is lost through its windows. Heating a house accounts for over 50% of your energy bills. It is important to reduce these costs. BECKER SolarGreen high performance, easy clean glazing system relies on top of the line, leading innovative technology and is designed for excellent performance and maximum Energy Rating (ER) for all four Canadian Energy Star zones. They have superior

UV-value, high solar heat gain and optimized comfort for heating-dominated climate.

75% Visible Light Transmission 68% Solar Heat Gain 42% More Heat Retained Save Your Money

Allows 75% of natural sunlight into the home.

Allows 68% of the daytime solar heat into the home.

Improves nighttime and cool weather performance by 42%.

Keep your money inside your home, where it belongs!


Solar Green, Low-E glass, Argon Gas Filled

Low-E3 glass

  • Optimized for heating-dominated climates.
  • Superior U-value and high solar heat gain.
  • Dual Mirror Heat Reflective.
  • Full 7/8", 1-1/8" insulated thermal unit.
  • Low conductivity Argon gas filled.
  • Maximum resistance to condensation.
  • Polymer foam bridge dual seal insulation.
  • Multi-layer desiccant vapour barrier.
  • Thermal edge super spacer.
  • Easy clean, environment friendly.
  • Low-E3 glass

    Glass options.
    The perfect balance between comfort and performance. Designed and engineered for Summer, Winter and anything in between.
    Triple glaze is available in casement, awning, fixed, bay and bow style windows.

    Solar Green, Low-E glass, Argon Gas Filled


    Solar Green, Low-E glass, Argon Gas Filled

    Solar Green, Low-E glass, Argon Gas Filled

    • Values calculated using LBNL Windows 5.2 software, center of the glass performance data.
      ER varies by window style. Performance may vary depending on environmental conditions.
    Triple glaze system may contribute to the window total weight.
    R-value is the measure of the resistance of the glass to heat flow.
    The higher R-value does not represent a better window, as other performance factors need to be considered.

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