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Window Shopping 101

Do you need new Windows or Doors?

If you see similar picture on windows in your home and experience some of the promblems below, feel air draft or leak as a symptom of heat loss in cold months - Chances are you really do not have windows or doors that are up to today Energy Star standards!

With our 30 years experience and thousands succesfull installations we found out that even newer homes suffer from similar problems today!

As a customer on a market for new energy-efficient windows, ask yourself following key questions.

  1. Are your windows made with just single pane of glass?
  2. Do you still have old aluminum or wooden storm windows?
  3. Are your windows leaky, peeling, wet, moldy, painted shut or all clouded over?
  4. Do your windows or doors have broken hardware or laches? Broken windows and doors are unsafe and not secure, often used for home invasions and burglary.
  5. How often do you have to repaint and re-caulk your windows to keep them looking presentable?
  6. Even, if you have new house, you may notice cold spots or drafts, hear street noise or overheat in summer months. Are your windows and doors as energy efficient as they could be?
  7. Did you know that new Energy Star certified windows can save you up to 40% for your heating bills?
  8. Are you able to clean windows from inside of your home without risking your safety to climb ladder on second floor?
  9. Are your neighbours have already started to replace their windows and your windows still make your house to look ugly and unsightly?
  10. Do your windows or doors suit architectural style of your home, by changing them, you can increase resale value of your house?
  11. Do your windows meet the standards set out in the current building code and by the Canadian Standards Association?
  12. Are your windows ENERGY STAR qualified?
  13. Do you know that you qualify for government EcoEnergy grant if you install new Energy Star certified windows? Money will help you and windows will protect the environment. Go EcoGreen.

Becker custom made Energy Star qualified windows and doors are beautiful, easy to clean, energy efficient and affordable, carry transferable lifetime warranty for peace of mind. It simply does not make sense to keep old windows or doors that heat your neighbourhood - not your house, require constant maintenance, are unsafe and unhealthy.

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